Preface (Notes on Our Current Predicament)

I have been witness to many who are suffering from real life, every day trauma, of being stuck in the rat race, unable to address issues outside of their everyday realm, overwhelmed with environmental, physical, and emotional stress that takes a great toll on their bodies, keeping them oppressed. My question is this: how can we find the route to healing from these traumas? What are the conditions in which we can heal our own lives wrought with suffering, in order to heal others, and to sustain the lives of our species, other species, and to sustain life on earth for years to come? I want to be witness to this transformation. I am ready to see more urban farms.

I can so clearly envision a ten year path to a more peaceful way of life, as that is our only option. We are at rock bottom, as a species, as a planet. We are knee deep in our own filthy habits that have wreaked havoc on the environment, destroying tens of thousands of ecosystems, pushing hundreds of animals to extinction, animals we don’t even know existed. Can we find a path to minimize the overwhelming amount of suffering of children with inadequate water, living in thick polluted air? What about the parents who work so hard and still cannot afford nutrition for their families? What about the animals without a chance to live one minute of happiness in slaughterhouses; we all wonder; why does their have to be so much suffering?

I used to feel so angry and oppressed by powers of government, and during this time, my ways of speaking about these issues were didactic and not persuasive. Now I know through living with the best interest of the earth and its creatures in mind, my path is to inspire through action. I am working on several projects in line with this mission, and i hope we can all find our unique roads to healing and happiness. Happiness (in the context of living mindfully) is contagious. Remember that your place in life is different than mine but we are pieces of the same puzzle.

About Joelle Provost

Joelle Provost is a painter who has been steadily emerging into the American art scene over the past decade. Recently her work was featured in the Museum of Northern California. This summer she is headed to the Tokyo International Art Fair.

She holds a MFA in Studio Art and Integrated Media from Brooklyn College. She has won several awards for her work including Most Outstanding Artist Award, University of California at Davis (2010), and the Charles G. Shaw Award, Brooklyn College (2014 and 2015). Provost has dedicated herself to using her art as a means for communicating issues of Environmental degradation. 

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