maddening journey

oh, maddening journey

your benchmarks did not deliver


a car that speeds ahead

makes it to its destination

only a minute or two faster than one that goes with the flow


this grid you’re in

you can’t escape it

you can squeal all you want

but it won’t change the shape of the grid


you are, however, a refreshing antidote to the buzz of b.s

and to all the peacocks who make those annoying sounds for you to notice them

their sounds lack grace


a piano plays…


Flumes paint the night sky


A stagnant methodology of our generation

But they are not to blame,

for our plague is a different color

but the most obvious symptom is paralysis.



space cadet, make progress


Abandoned crocs in a dutch doorway

Empaled cheerleaders on the grass out front


Everything is more clear when it’s out of focus


…There’s a cough in the background.


Women use their lips surreptitiously

and laughter as manipulative tactics to get places in the world.

Half deflated birthday party balloons that were thrown out with the rest of the trash

Peered out from behind trees

As if to say hello


Bike frames peppered this city’s fences


There is

Dried out shrubbery

It almost looked

Like a post apocalyptic land

But not quite

And the anticipation was killing me


space cadet, make progress.


The world in the office

demands that we provide the answers,

But I demand you agree

That we have none


Attempting to navigate an unfortunate situation

Working downstairs with the dog crates

Im on the bottom of the ship

There is no hierarchy,

Just a caste system


Someone bears the weight

And holds the grudges

     But He who feels the strongest

Must create

    And the artists are

the most useful

Or the most useless… 

(I vascillate)

Take the freight train

To an escape

Out of your head to another land

Where there is room for you to put up your feet

Except for the fact

that the train is only a symbol;

An iconographic image

No implemented strategies,

No relation to reality

No policies in place

Just incremental steps in the direction by

one person



A bird dove

Deep into a redwood grove

Into a mountain of snow

But never came out

              The feathers iced over, sticking out of the snow with

              undeniable kinship to a prophecy

This bird does not matter

But it does

No it doesn’t

But it does



torrential downpour on the forest floor

exit through the back door

take the next left

into my hand

i will carry you

you will avoid reality for as long as you can

but soon it will nip you in the behind


the trees will not embrace you any longer

they are tired of looking at your disgraceful tiny bodies in passing

hot-shot attitude and we’ve all had enough



evocative exes and pragmatic thinkers,

neurotic writers and bad drivers,

they all go to the same place


down the toilet with your old shoes

and the p**


down the slippery slope of a rabbit hole


we are in the fast lane

to karmic payback


no, i know you didn’t do that

but they did

and you’re with them


Leather Jacket,

British Accent-


he looks like someone who will lead you the right way


he is narrating this play


but he is still of our species

there is a rug being pulled out from beneath us

they’re pulling out the rug

we cough up ants

and many various different insects


We mourn

and our eyes bulge out of our pants

and sorries are spat on here


                                                                                                     (we're in hell, guys,

just waiting in line)...